Connex Services

Connex offers six essential services to give you a ‘best value, better way’ construction solution.

Connex offers alternatives to reduce cost, suggesting innovative materials to exceed sustainability targets or finding smarter ways to ‘build it faster’. We facilitate workshops with stakeholders to increase understanding of the critical drivers of a project to enable us to offer best value to our clients and deliver it by building a better way. We call this process Connex Best Value Better Way approach.

Ensure that your project ultimately works as it was designed to do. We ensure it is documented correctly, communicated accurately to subcontractors & suppliers to minimise variations, and can be built in an effective manner.

Adopt a common sense approach to sustainable construction, while ensuring the actions involved by everyone involved support this.

We find the balance between quality and value from our extensive database of Subcontractors & Suppliers.

Minimising the impact of live environment construction for the community and project stakeholders, while maintaining safe construction practices.

Develop accurate forecasts and identifies critical path elements to ensure project is delivered on time.

Ensuring work is completed safely, sensitively to the environmental considerations and to the quality expectations of everyone involved.